09 October 2015

Pillows on parade

Here are the first 2 pillows.

I double row stitched around the perimeter

This pillow is made from 3 batiks and one deconstructed screen print

This is the back. This fabric was sloppy monoprinted then I used the smacker with dye on it.  See the squares?

This is a batik made with an antique potato masher my friend Marcella bought me. It is one of my favorite tools and this is one of my favorite graphics.

Close-up of the quilting.

The back, plain fabric, not quilted.


  1. Beautiful. I like the potato masher print, too.

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely combination, between the silk curtains, the quilt and the pillows! You done good!!!

  3. What special pillows!!! wonderfully done!


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