27 October 2015

Judith came over

Judith was so nice. The last two play dates were eco-printing in which I have no interest. Here are a few photos that I took as the official photographer.

Lunch was great fun even though it was POURING outside.

The nice part was Judith coming over this past Friday and announcing that we would do anything I wanted. I wanted (and needed) to do some printing for the December blog posts on the FIRE blog. We both had a ball with thickened dyes. You will have to wait until December to see my work on "A dozen uses for Silk Screens" but I also had a few great clean up clothes.

The one below is from scraping out my cups of thickened print paste instead of just throwing it out

This was a very soft piece of innocent cotton I was planning on using as a handkerchief  that I snatched up and used to wiped my hands and squeegee. It will make a nice handkerchief. 

This was actually a large piece of cotton that was left over. It was soda soaked and not great quality. I had some red and yellow thickened dye from the December blog work and I don't like red and yellow. I could bare to throw it away so I put blue in each and used a credit care to apply the green and purple (which I do like) to the cotton. I have plans for this!


  1. Looking forward to Decembers posts.

  2. Luscious...so nice to have thoughtful friends!

  3. You're lucky to have friends who share your passion. I love seeing the results when you all get together.


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