20 October 2015


During the "cleaning up" and organizing process, I found this "sandwich" that I had been free motion quilting while trying to test various patterns. We all have these"scribbled" sandwiches hanging around, right? I thought, why not put thickened dye on this too? It was not pre-treated so after applying the thickened dye, I applied soda ash solution with a spray bottle.

I also had a clean-up rag on to which I could apply thickened dye. This one in the bag is plain cotton and had already been used a bit and it had fabric paint as well on it. I put soda ash solution in the baggy and waited an hour.

The piece below is linen from my day with Marcella

And this piece below if from the baggy. NICE!

Since the used sandwich was a good size, I decided to make a zipper bag from it and I gave it to my girlfriend from Lewiston.

I really like these when I use different fabrics to bind each of the four sides

It was white polyester felt on the inside.


  1. I love the dyed sampler, and that you were able to put it to good use... clever girl!

  2. Super. And you know me, Line Girl, I love the original scribbles as well!!

  3. It's wonderful. This is why you can't throw anything out....

  4. I like the zipper bag, it is a nice gift...

  5. Your dyed free motion embroidery turned out really nicely and sewed up great as a zipper bag.


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