23 October 2015

Then Janine and Judith came to play

OK, so I'm still not all cleaned up. I had those silk screens sitting in a stack in my garage for almost a week. Little did I know that the dyes had exhausted in that short time. Liquid dyes are OK but the dried dyes croaked on me. Judith wanted to use the indigo vat to work on some heavy rag paper (100% cotton paper). Meanwhile Janine used the thickened dyes on her own project.

These are Judith's dyed paper after applying wax and leaves dipped in wax to her paper before submerging in the indigo vat.

This is a simple folded book.

This was my deconstructed screen prints which I didn't know were exhausted. That 4 X 8' sheet now is a new cover for my print table. Very sad but eventually it will pick up all kinds of incidental marks and colors.

This is a hoot and I'm almost embarrassed to admit I put 100% wool in a baggy with MX dyes. Yup! They were dark purple and dark green or would have been if MX dyes worked on wool. Sad but true.

Here they are on their way into my dye microwave with acid dyes.

Much better.

Here some pics of the "old" print table cover. This piece of fabric is so fabulous. I want to do something special with it. It had been on my print table about a year. In December I am doing a month on the FIRE blog about silk screens so I'll bet I get all kinds of cool marks on the new table cover.


  1. Playing again!!! When do you actually do any work??? LOL

  2. I admire you for your prodigious and creative work! you are truly formidable!

  3. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I always say! I'm intrigued that Judith dipped leaves directly into the wax to make prints. Never would have thought of that! How did she hold them so she didn't get burnt?

  4. I recognize some of those marks! And Carmina, what is wrong with playing all the time? House work is for those without a creative mind.

  5. The best part of creating is play. Brilliant results. I adore the little book.


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