03 November 2015

Framing up work

Remember these?

I am having an art and craft sale here mid-November and I am trying to get some of my finished pieces framed. I took a piece of Styrofoam, covered it with white flannel and pinned the piece to the flannel. I started to cut the frame in the garage then stopped for the night. During the night the idea came to me to stitch a 1" wide strip of black to the piece to unify the edges. 

Here it is stitched in place and I thought I took a photo of it mounted but I guess I didn't.

Here is another piece that I absolutely love but the glare made for a difficult photo.


  1. I love how you framed the last piece! Do you have a place where you buy your matted frames? Hope you have a successful sale!

  2. Ah, your first picture stopped me in mid scroll. :) And then the collage! woo hoo! It'll be a good sale!

  3. These are gorrrrgeeeeous. You'll sell out.


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