06 October 2015

We interrupt this pillow to make a quilt

I sent away for 4 pillow forms for my new love seat. Amazon said Aug 4th-8th for delivery. On the 5th I got an email that said they were shipped (REALLY?) and would be here Aug 10-18th. They will be getting a one star from me.

Meanwhile the dog has adopted the love seat as his favorite place to lay so I thought I better make a quilted cover as quickly as possible. I had a piece of deconstructed cotton 37" X 72". I sandwiched it up and quilted long rows. Then I added (QAYG style) two side strips making the finished piece 50" X 72". I just so happened to have about 10-12 yards of olive bias strip left over from "Conversations" which I used to finish it off. In two days here it is.

He knows I made this just for him!!


  1. What a gorgeous quilt and a lucky dog. Mine only get an old blanket, on the couch. Now they'll expect a quilt, too.

  2. You made a lovely quilt on high speed. Beautiful colours an a happy dog. How simple can life be....

  3. good for you. Is he obedient and waiting for the end of the photo op or is he questioning any ulterior motives??? lol

  4. Wow! The quilt is drop-dead gorgeous! All that lovely deconstructed printing put to great use!

  5. Lucky Owen. Photos of him on his pretty new quilt to come? Love the border from Conversations, of course!


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