02 October 2015

Making pillows while waiting for my IKEA loveseat

I started out making pillows for my much anticipated love seat. I manage to make one before my brother, Eric, arrived.

Bright and early Friday morning, my brother carried in the love seat components and stacked them on my bed.

They went together "slicker than a smelt" (a Maine expression). I even liked the color of the cushion and love seat covers. It looked beige in the box but simply off white against the white walls.

Soft and cushy seat and back. The padded arms make a great head rest for reclined reading. I even could use the glass end table and an old lamp.

Owen and my pillow "front". Hum...do I see a potential problem developing?


  1. Owen has claimed ownership :-)) BTW that robot thing is very annoying. A lot of the pictures are simply too small to see if that item is on it or not.

  2. Very nice! And your pillow is going to be beautiful, I can tell! Bet you end up with a snuggler when you want to be on the love seat... may have to make a reservation! ;-)

  3. Gonna be a nice cushion for a nice couch.

  4. What problem? I don't see any problems...

  5. I love seeing Owen on "his" love seat! ooh, lovely pillow colors!

  6. Owen is warm colors the pillow cool colors

  7. What a nice, comfy looking couch. The colour of those pillows are the perfect addition.

  8. Beautiful color. I'm afraid the dog likes the the pillow to when it's finished


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