02 September 2015

two recipes

I just went on to the ProChemical and Dye website to print off another copy of the Pre-reduced Indigo directions for this weekends workshop and I almost fell off my chair. The 2 recipes are nothing alike. I called ProChem and talked to their technical support team. Just two weeks ago Vicki changed the formula to a "lighter" less "potent" mixture so you can get gradations with multiple. It is a milder form of what I wrote yesterday. They said if you want a lighter blue so you can build up layers, use the new formula. If you want to start with a bold deep blue, use the formula I gave yesterday.This is the new formula:

Just FYI, every time to dip into the vat there is a danger of introducing oxygen into the vat (a bad thing). I personally like the stronger vat which I wrote down yesterday.

The Indigo Workshop yesterday was a huge success and we all ended up with lots of beautiful dyed pieces. Friday the Indigo show starts.

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