25 September 2015

The color of flowers

OK so I secretly dislike people putting pictures of their flowers on their blogs. I don't know what this bothers me so but today is payback day.
First off, the electric company knocked on the door first thing this morning to let us know we were losing our electricity.

 We needed a new pole

Then I decided to go through all my fabulous fabrics looking for something spectacular to make into pillows. More about this later....

I found some great batiks but I felt there was just a touch of soy wax still in them so I put them in a tub of boiling water and Ivory liquid for dishes. As I hung them on the line I realized why I love Zinnias so much. I call Judith "another layer" and she calls me "all color all the time".

It all makes sense now


  1. Both flowers and fabrics are awesome! I'm all color all the time too, so it makes sense why we bonded so completely! I have a packet of zinnia seeds I got this summer, just need to figure out when and where to plant...

  2. Love this post, Beth--the flower close-ups are gorgeous, and then your fabrics!! Fun to see things pulled from your stash as opposed to things in process.

  3. Your fabrics on the line are absolutely gorgeous. Nature provides the best colour inspiration - as your flowers certainly attest!

  4. LOVE the post; colours , colours and colours!!!!

  5. Wow, they're stunning, the flowers and your fabrics.

  6. OMG! Zinnias are the best! They have always turned me on! Those fabrics rock, too!

  7. Beautifull flowers and beautifull dyed fabric ;-). Now I also want Zinnia's in my garden. I did't know them, but now I'am in love.

  8. Love those flying fabrics and love that first photo of the pole work! (the flowers, not too shabby either).


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