08 September 2015

Indigo Dyeing part 2

A great scarf by Karen

Karen wrapping a scarf on the rope.

Another peak at Judith's stitched shibori

Rope I think

There is that fabulous dye. How spectacular is that?

First dip

Air vent

Folded shibori

A T-shirt on a rope but it was so absorbent very little figuring was seen.

Second dip

A really nice folded shibori

Karen wrapping a silk scarf around the plastic chain.


  1. Congratulations, each dyed fabric is splendid! I am interested how you created "first dip" and "second dip"? it's just shibori techniques or another?

  2. I never would have known what goes into fabric designs such as these!

  3. They all wonderful, but Judith's stitched shibori great First Place in my book! What I would do with that!!!

  4. That air vent for wrapping fabric in is one I must try. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful results. Many of them, with a little stitching, would make gorgeous whole cloth quilts.


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