04 September 2015

Indigo results part 1

Karen, Judith and I had a great day in the dye vat. We dipped so many pieces I have to do two posts. Here they are in no particular order.

No contest, the best piece of the day. Good job Karen!!

Two pieces of Judith's stitched shibori. When she undoes them, I will link to her blog for the big reveal.

The yardage on the left was done with air vent. The other 2 silk scarves.

Air Vent


Plexiglas rectangle resists

A "peak" at Judith's stitched resists.

One is rope and the other plastic chain, I can't remember which is which.

Air vent


  1. Wow These are well done, very good Shibori.

  2. great results, makes me think I should like blue more than I do! ;^)

  3. Oh lalalalalala, soooo beautiful! And those spiky little sculpture things that are part of the process are super cool!


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