11 September 2015

6th Annual Maine Event Sept 18,19,20

This year the Maine Event is quite a bit different than previous years. First there is a "Pre-Event" event called "All day dyeing" from 10 am to 4 pm on Friday before the event begins at 5 pm.

We will be learning dyeing basics as well as various shibori and resist dyeing techniques. You can dye as much fabric as you'd like. We will be using chain, hose, vent pipe, folding, clamping and wrapping to achieve our dyeing goals.

Friday night is the wine and cheese reception until 7 pm.

Saturday I will be doing a workshop in the various uses (all with unique results) followed by a workshop on the use of line in dye by Judith. The rest of the workshop time on Saturday and Sunday til about noon will be working on your own pieces with a little help from your friends. Saturday night is a banquet followed by "Show-n-Tell".

Then we will be do various techniques using a silk screen. Here is one: Deconstructed prints.


  1. I hope the event is a huge success. It sounds like fun.

  2. Wow! Hope you have a sell-out crowd!

  3. I feel so lucky to be coming! See you soon.

  4. Oh my, what a wonderful time you all will have!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous! Wish I could be there but not this time. Have a great time!


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