22 September 2015

Eco Printing with Judith and Janine

In case I haven't introduced you yet to Janine, my new friend and recent mover to Belfast, here she is. Judith and I are besides ourselves that Janine chose to move here.

She invited Judith and I over to do some eco-printing/eco-dyeing. I decided to watch and be the documenter. Here are the process pictures:

Tied up bootie 

Janine steaming in a roaster and a vegetable steamer

You can see by Judith's face that working and eating at the oceans edge was NOT a hardship. Janine's home was not only beautiful but right on the water. You can see the ocean from every room.

AND she made us a wonderful lunch!! What a delightful day!


  1. ah, you gals sure know how to live the good life!!! :)

  2. Soo.... she wrapped the leaves and just steamed them? No mordant, no chemicals? Wow! And what a beautiful spot to create in... awesome!

  3. Oh, what a talented woman that Judith is!
    Judith (LOL)

  4. What an amazingly beautiful way to spend the day. Love the results.

  5. You all remind me of happy school girls: A new kid in town to play with, Yay! Lovely!

  6. looks like a fun day!

  7. Great results and in a beautiful setting too. Was it all done by just steaming?


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