18 September 2015

Marcella came to play

All I had planned to do today was work on a bed quilt for a relative.

Originally Marcella was coming over to do some paste paper. I know Janine (new friend who just moved here from Ontario) wanted to try her hand at some paste paper but she couldn't make it today. Marcella and I just decided to dye some silk scarves. This came about after seeing my new silk drapes.

I told her how easy acid dyeing is to do. She made these!!

She also gave me a Steam Punk Crow that she made for me while she was in Florida. In case you don't know me well, I LOVE crows and ravens. Isn't she fabulous?

See the tail feathers made out of knives?

Love that hat!


  1. I love the crow! And I'm not a huge fan of steam punk, but the first thing I noticed was the feathers made from a steamer basket... very clever! And the scarves are yummy.... nice job!

  2. What a lovely day to acid dye and such rich results. Your curtains are gorgeous...and that crow is simply incredible. All those little details are wonderful, especially the knives for leaves. I'm going to have to take another look at my old cutlery....

  3. Ok....I meant to say those knives for feathers. I've had trees on the brain lately.

  4. awe. Now that is something to crow about!!!

  5. Love that crow! Love those fabrics! Love that you have fun at play with your friend!

  6. I think you had a very nice paint day with your friend. Beautiful results!


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