02 September 2015

Something personal

As some of you might know, Brian and I recently moved downstairs to the first floor of my house. Neither of us has young knees and I was making over 50 trips a day up narrow and steep steps build for short people 130 years ago. I lost my beautiful studio upstairs and I know many of you have either seen it in person or in photos. My new area is the former living room and dining room. I just have not been able to "settle". I literally walk around not knowing what to do. I have no creativity and I didn't know what the problem was. It suddenly dawned on me that I kept walking around because there was no place to sit. I had this tiny chair that I got at a yard sale but it wasn't comfortable plus the dog was usually in the chair!! Sheesh!!

Tomorrow, my lovely brother Eric is coming from D.C. and bringing me an IKEA Ektorp love seat!!! I am besides myself with happiness and anticipation. I also bought four 18 X 18 pillow forms to really make the love seat cushy. You will be seeing these soon. Meanwhile, here is the love seat!


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