20 March 2015

What I did yesterday

I have been making things for my new online store, Necessities or Not, and one of the most popular items are bags I made from a failed quilt.

I have now used up the entire quilt and thought to myself, "Why not make another quilt like the failed one?" Great idea self. So I started out yesterday dyeing a piece of cotton 45" square purple. It seemed very dark but ended up not as dark as I wanted it but what the heck, this is supposed to be a failure. 

I made the phases of the moon just like the other quilt then sandwiched it up with warm and natural (a bad idea) and put on a white backing. I pinned it and started free motioning  leaves and had the entire quilt made by dinner time. I actually can't believe I did it all in a day!


  1. These bags are fabulous! Everyone wants mine, so now I'll be sending them shopping!

  2. Love the bag. I'm considering cutting up some quilts that I made a long time ago, before I got into art quilts.

  3. Awesome! Gee... maybe I need to go back into my clumps of unfinished quilted stuff and see what I can do with them! At least I could clear them out of the ever-growing pile of unused stuff, huh? Really love your colors on the finished bag!


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