09 March 2015

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Instead of being smart like Judith and letting my squirted dye dry completely, I thought I knew best (a life long character defect) and tried to quickly wash it out in ice water. When Judith came back she said it didn't look that bad. It looked like I had drawn the lines on a grey mottled piece of cloth. I redid this design and it is DRY and sitting on my dining room table waiting for Judith to come back in two days for more thickened dye fun.

This is that snow dyed piece that really didn't take the dye well. I still think it might be a blend. It was given to me by the woman who had the indigo dye party.

 I am plotting planning our next play day and thinking about what I learned about working in a series, or at least where a piece can lead you, from Terry Garrard Dimond. So stay tuned and see where I am going,


  1. Some fabulous pieces and the first one will be fine overdyed or with additional work.

  2. The black marks and lines looks fantastic with the colors here! More inspiration. Thanks!


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