06 March 2015

More adventures with thickened dye.

 Sunday I was way excited since the table was still up and the winds were howling 40-60 mph. I got out some old prints I had done previously with some thermofaxes I had Lyric Kinard make for me and thickened black dye. I was looking for textured designs. They were fine but boring on plain white. 

I had made this piece a while ago and I was using it as my inspiration since Judith wasn't here. 

These two were monprints done with acrylic paint rolled out on my Lexan plate.

I wanted to use the thickened dye like I used here. So this is what happened.

Squirt bottle lines, credit card lines and coloring in with the credit card.

I later took some of the textured dye prints and "tried" to create a background color. I was looking for a "rust" type color and ended up with this "horror" of nutmeg and beige. These became candidates for "another layer".

This I did on pre-treated cotton and a squirt bottle.


  1. cool grids and sketchiness!

  2. I love working with thickened dyes. Lately I'm drawn to the egg shape but I love circles and grids too!


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