11 March 2015


Judith is coming tomorrow so I thought I'd get a few preliminaries done before she arrives. This is what I did.

First off I found this GREAT hard paper tube in my friends recycle bin. She is obviously not a surface designer!

Then this is the clean-up rag I used the day after Judith's last visit when I continued to play 

These are the fabrics I am starting with today.

I got this from a dream (again). I made this black and white fabric last Sunday. I let the lines of dye dry but didn't wash it out. Now I will use this cardboard silk screen which is tiny with a tape resist to add color inside the ovals tomorrow.

All of these are waxed for batik

My "dot" maker


  1. Oh, I love what you are playing with! I hope to get my work table ready to use this weekend, then I'll be ready to play with ya!

  2. I can't wait to see what's next! And thanks so much, Beth, for your tips about using activated print paste. I used a small tub of it this afternoon.


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