16 March 2015

A few odds and ends

I am always surprised where some of my most beautiful fabric comes from. I have 2 huge "table covers" 45" wide cotton by 8' that I used in the past to cover my table. I am making a new piece in my timeline series out of one of those covers.

This last couple of play dates with Judith, I decided to put another white cotton cover on the print table. The table is always covered with a flannel sheets which is quite beautiful now so I thought, why waste all that color. Am I right?

When we were done, this is what the white cover looked like. That was after 2 days.

I let it dry on the table then threw it in the washer and dryer without washing it out in the sink first. Judith discovered that if you let it dry completely, you can do a cold wash followed by a hot wash without pre-washing the now dry dye out of he fabric. Being the Queen of Lazy, I embraced her discovery.

Just before I put it back on the table for "next time".

Oh, and this is a paint brush holder I made for Judith. I am making a lot of them for my retail site which isn't open yet but these long bags are great for paint brushes, knitting needles, pencils, rulers and are just plain cool.


  1. You, the Queen of Lazy? You, the Queen of Letting Creativity Flow, always noticing what could happen... Yeah, love those zippered pouches!!

  2. Great result from the table covers. I love making those humbug bags too, so versatile.


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