22 August 2014


I have been wanting to make 6" bug stamps for a long time. One of my friends just loves insects and I know she would love a small book with bugs on the front and back cover. 

These are the insects I have chosen to make stamps. 

I love this one but when I sketched it onto the carving material it looked too flat.

Here is the first one carved and mounted on to a piece of Plexiglas.

Each stamp and it's stamped image for examination.

This is the back of each piece of paper with the graphite added. You can see the lines where my ball point pen traced the outline on the other side depositing the graphite onto the carving material.

In the sketchbook


  1. I am not a fan of bugs, but I'm loving the design of these! What a thoughtful gift..

  2. I am a fan of bugs, especially beetles, and I think your stamps are great!

  3. Ewwwww!!!! Not fond of bugs, but your stamps are great!

  4. Stamps are great. Bugs not sew much! ;)

  5. I like bugs on paper, not running around me! These are fantastic stamps! Did you draw them from live specimens or photos? Natural history museums frequently have live specimens.

  6. I love bugs too. Mostly images of them but I love some real ones too. These are absolutely incredible. You keep coming up with stuff that I have to add to my list. These ones, though, are at the top.


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