25 August 2014

New Sketchbook

When I was stamping the new bug stamps into my sketchbook I realized I was 2 signatures from the end. Of course each signature is 16 single pages. Lots of mixed feelings about my sketchbook. It has become part of me so I am sorry to put it on the shelf with the other sketchbooks but then there is the excitement of making a new sketchbook and starting a new adventure.

I went through my paste paper and really loved this one I did with my neighbor Grace and friend Marcella.

Ten large sheets of watercolor paper

Signatures done. Ten signatures of 16 pages each. They are pretty thick with this paper. 

The paste paper and binder board cut out

Stitched in lavender waxed linen.



The book is 10" X 7" with each sheet 6" X 9" and each spread 12" X 9". This is a wonderful size, every useful.


  1. Who doesn't love a new sketchbook. Will you do a special series in this 'one of a kind' book?

  2. Smashing!!! I particularly like the sentence- "... but then there is the excitement of making a new sketchbook and starting a new adventure." :)

  3. Beth, it is so beautiful & you make it look so easy. I wish it were so for me...

  4. You make that look so easy...and beautiful. Your bindings and colour use are gorgeous.

  5. I love your paste paper. What a lovely book they make.

  6. Absolutely wonderful looking handmade and hand bound new sketchbook. Beautifully painted cover and back too.

  7. Gorgeous! You make such beautiful creations, no matter what you are working on!


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