11 August 2014

So what if ????

Today is my youngest child's birthday. He is 43. Holy Cow!! He lives in Malta with his wife and two boys. I'll be visiting them just before I come to the Netherlands in October.

So back to my waking thought. What if I take fabric instead of waxed paper and scrunch it up on a table, drop a clean silk screen on it, add drops of thickened dye on it and smear that into the screen with a squeegee? HUM???

I had a 2 yard X 18" piece of white fabric that was just asking for it!! I took a piece of terrible (course and low thread count) fabric that I had dyed a pink YEARS ago using "natural dyes". It looked awful. I like bright colors. So I used that as a drop cloth, scrunched up the white, dropped the screens and began screening dye in various (8) colors. I mixed up less than a quarter cup each.

Drops of dye on screen. I already know what happens when you put LOTS of dye on a screen - boring.


Below, washed and dried. I consider this a huge success.


When I started I used print paste with soda ash added left over from my deconstructed silk screen day. I had to act fast and I could see time was passing quickly so I started throwing down chunks of fabric, scrunching and screening on thickened dye.

This was some chartreuse poor quality fabric - yuck!

This was the pinky stuff but after using a credit card, it looked better even though the dye molecules were almost exhausted.

This was pinky stuff too although it's hard to tell and THIS piece came out pretty well

Last but not least after I had scooped out as much dye as I could from the cups with a plastic knife, I tried the fabric over the hand like a mitten thing again. I purposely didn't use the red. 

The whole piece




  1. Sure can tell the apple didn't fall from the tree with your son! Beautiful family... bet you can't wait to hug those grand kids! And I love your fabrics... may have to try this method, only I think I will pre-soak the fabric with soda ash and dry... never have liked the idea of adding the soda ash to dyes, since I store leftovers forever!

  2. Yes, nice results and a very lovely family.

  3. I do like that broken effect!

  4. You certainly were busy - love the results and what a lovely photo of your son and family, guess the time will pass quickly and October will soon be here.

  5. What a FUN waking (& colorful) thought!! What if...2 important words...It's fun to think about it being your son's birthday & your upcoming trip!

  6. I think, from looking at the photos, that your son has your smile. He has a beautiful family. Well, you followed your thought and the results were fantastic. It looks kind of like confetti threw up all over the fabric, in a very good way, of course.


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