15 August 2014

Picture Blocks

When my son's first boy, Zac, was born, I bought some 1 1/2" wooden blocks with making a picture puzzle in mind. He will be 5 this December so I finally got going on it. I bought 2 bags of 10 so I had a 4 X 4 square and a 2 X 2 square.

Getting ready to attach this photo to the 2 X 2 blocks with Matte Medium.

My son as a little boy.

Cutting at 1 1/2".

Blocks with matte medium on the top of the photo drying.

Fun project.


  1. Wonderful project! Are you going to put a different picture on each side of the cube?

  2. What a great idea! I'm sure he will love it.By turning the blocks you can make some more.

  3. As you know I LOVE wooden blocks & your totally fun project which will be so appreciated by your family has just opened up a whole new set of ideas for me in regard to creating alphabet blocks. Oh Boy!!! Now I have to see where I can find some blank wooden cubes!

  4. What a wonderful idea! These will be treasured I'm sure.

  5. So much fun to see these. I'm sure they will be loved.

  6. This is an incredible idea. You've got my mind spinning, which is a good thing. Anyone would love this.


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