06 August 2014

Prayer Flags

Some of you might remember that after the 4th annual Maine Event last year, the women who attended made me prayer flags for my speedy recovery from breast cancer. The flags and prayers worked!!

 After showing them on the blog two of my blog followers asked if they could make me one too and I received two beautiful flags from Tie-Dye Judy in Colorado and another from Penny in Ohio. Just recently, Judith made me one too from one of her dye experiments. I took one from a special friend from the string of flags which still fly outside my studio and decided to put the four into a "piece" so that I could hang it in my studio. Here are the flags.

Below is Judith's

Below is Penny's

This is Tie-Dye Judy's

And this from Peggy Lovejoy

Trying to find a combining color was a tough one. I am NOT a pink person but I settled on a pink LWI dyed cotton.

This is now completely quilted


  1. What a great idea putting your prayer flags into a quilt - I wasn't aware of your health issue with breast cancer but so pleased to read that the flags and prayers worked for you.

  2. Beautiful, Beth! I'm honored that you have included the flag I made in your beautiful quilt! BTW, girlfriend, I am in Arizona, not Colorado! I know, anything west of Missouri all looks alike to you East coast folk, huh? ;-)

  3. What a lovely idea, prayer flags (& they work *smile*) What are the dimensions of the prayer flags? How lovely to give & receive such pretty spiritual energy...

  4. I'm not a "pink" person either, but sometimes it just works. It definitely works here. What a wonderful way to remember the love and support from your friends.


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