20 August 2014

Lemonade is made

I had these two pieces I wanted to do "something" with since I dislike leaving any project undone. This first piece was one of the first deconstructed screen prints I ever made. Thank goodness I got better at it!!

This was an interfacing stencil that was fine as far as it went but didn't go far enough.

I over dyed the entire piece which is almost 2 yards long.

Here it is dried.

Beautiful blue "clouds"

I took some of the deconstructed screen print and used it as a back on a small quilt I made.

The rest I used to "clean up" after a thickened dye party. You can see the faint colors from the original piece peeking through.

Then I decided to add more crows to the interfacing stencil piece. I had 5 stamps and made 3 more.

They are mounted on Plexiglas

Heat set. Maybe a whole cloth quilt??


  1. Great results with those stamps!And an "ugly" fabric is Always a beautiful back.

  2. Fabulous Beth - you know how much I love your birds!!

  3. Beautiful. I take inspiration from you, not leaving unfinished work! Re-creating, developing, evolving, it's all good!

  4. I vote for a whole cloth quilt. The ravens and crows are simply too gorgeous to cut up. It's brilliant.


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