01 August 2013


I always have liked a new challenge and with this EPP project, I am learning lessons (code for made many mistakes). I want to include this note before I go on. On Brandy's website, there are no online payment options but there is an order form with a phone number. I placed both of my orders with Brandy's husband, Charlie. Very nice people!! FYI the phone number is 870-342-5005.

When I say I am coming to this project with complete ignorance I am not overstating the point!!!  Let me tell you about it.

The entire thought process behind starting a "hand pieced" project was that it would be not only portable, but slow and contemplative and would require very little stamina to complete. Now, I am a "fast,fast, fast" girl and slowing down has proven to be a intentional learning process. When I try fast, I have to go back to remembering that in this case, slow will win the race (smile)

 These are some of the items I am putting in the basket. I put the cut key chain on the scissors so I could easily find it in the basket which if I know me will be a mess.

This was a suggestion right from the book. Use a "mint" tin, pre-wind bobbins with some of the major colors of your fabric, add needles and I included a needle threader (white thing). I also used a bit of scotch tape to keep the threads in place on the bobbins since within a few minutes they were unwinding and tangling.

I had these really cute colored paper clips which I intended to use. The cylinder looking thing are actually 4 disc shaped strong magnets I thought would be great for rounding-up all the loose paper clips.

Now on to the fast, fast part. This is one of two pieces of snow dyes that Nienke sent me quite a while ago. She actually sent me 3 but I am just using these 2 in the project. I also kind of like knowing a friend's hand dyed fabric is in my quilt. First I measured the fabric templates below. One was 2.5" and one was 2.25" so I decided to cut all the strips 2.5" for simplicity sake.

First I "got" why they included these "fabric cutting patterns" that have a 1/4" seam allowance. Cut them out, Beth

For the "square" pieces, it was easier to just use this easy plastic ruler that had squares printed on it.

I cut out the paper shapes and placed the clear ruler down to hold them in place while I used the stiff straight edge of the ruler to cut with. (lesson 1) On the first cut I shaved off a small sliver of paper. (thought) how long will it take me to whittle away the entire diamond???? Then I started to cut with the paper piece free hand - no ruler. This actually worked out great. Then  I decided before any accidental cuts destroyed the paper template, to cut it out of heavy box board.

I liked this a lot. I continued to cut strips and shapes (trying to cut equal numbers of the square and the diamond). I'm going to say I have about 15-20 different fabrics but I did limit myself to greens. I am saving Nienke's purple for later. I want to create each 4 part unit using 4 different fabrics but stick with the greens for now.

This may not look like much to you but I'm willing to bet there are over 200 pieces in the basket. (lesson 2) Panic has set in since I only have a little over 100 pieces of plastic template. Also (lesson 3), I wonder if Brandy has a Plexiglas diamond with seam allowance I can cut with. Back to the website....


  1. Great plans Beth! Good luck!

  2. I can't wait to see your progress.

  3. Lookin' good. Here's a link to a really good paper piecer if you feel like checking her out:


  4. http://incompetech.com/graphpaper you can print your one hexagonmals


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