13 August 2013

On to stitching a 4 "piece" block

It's hard to figure our the correct terms for EPP. I am assuming that all the pieces required to make one unit is called a block. These look a bit like stingrays.

I decided to stitch up two blocks and see how they looked.

Here are 2 of the green hued "blocks"

So now after putting 2 blocks together I decided/realized that I don't like the "greens" together. All I have cut into pieces so far are the green pieces. I have now decided to cut ALL the fabric (OH NO!!) into pieces and seeing how they look together.


  1. What's that old saying? Oh yeah... "you never know until you've tried", or something like that! I prefer "what if?". It's good that you are auditioning small groups to see what works... less to rip out! I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Yes, I'm all for ripping out less! But I do love all the greens together! Your piecing is fabulous!

  3. The green looks very good together. And cutting your other fabrics Yes it takes time but than you have a choice. I love the movement in your blocks.


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