30 July 2013

EPP part 2

In her book, Jessica mentioned either pre-cut paper pieces or Mylar pieces. Being "frugal" - code for cheap, I went with the more durable Mylar pieces. I found a source in her book: Brandy's Quilt Patterns. I bought one packet of each (between 55-66 pieces). They came today. Below are the pieces (with the hole in the center for easy removal), a paper pattern for cutting out the fabric, a cut 1" Plexiglas hexagon key ring (a nice touch) and a free 4" ruler (another nicety).

 I will use the paper patterns to measure how wide to cut the fabric with my rotary cutter. I will cut a large selection of fabrics from my project stash

As of right now, I know nothing about English Paper Piercing other than what I have read. TODAY I start with the rotary cutting and wrapping the fabric around the pieces and stitching them into place. I will probably do a lot of this while watching Netflix at night. You can get a really good feel for the process by checking out the book on Amazon because it is a "look inside" book and also on Jessica's blog. She has some great posts.
Another interesting thing happened. Saturday, my good friend Linda went to breakfast with me and she bought me this really cute basket.

Not only is it turquoise, green and purple (it doesn't get any better than that), I suddenly realized that THIS will be the perfect container to tote my pieces and supplies around in to appointments. Is this great or what!!!! More about the pieces on Tuesday.

On a personal note

I had another sudden realization the other day (more + energy at work) and I thought I'd share it with you. I sent this great realization on to many of my friends this past weekend and this is what the email said.

I just decided that I no longer have cancer since it was cut out. I am now embarking on treatments to insure the cancer I HAD does not return. You know this is in fact true and makes much more sense than "claiming" cancer when indeed it has been removed. I will regard my chemo and radiation as "body purification" .
Yeah...and now on with life!!!

and on with art


  1. Hey Beth, all the best for the future, I like the way you think.

    The colours you chose for your EPP project are just great. I'm so looking forward to see how it is going to develop.

  2. Re: your realization, makes perfect sense to me. And I love your new basket! Now I need to go over to the link to Jessica's blog to check it out...

  3. Love that altitude Beth. So smart of you to think about it in such healing ways.

  4. That is a positive look. Go girl!

  5. Good for you, think positive. And EPP is fun and relaxing. I do it when I need it in busy days to set my mind off.


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