08 August 2013

Now I'm in the groove!

As I mentioned last post, I made quite a few of these while watching Netflix. I think I would like to take the stitched pieces to my chemo and radiation appointments and just concentrate on the whip stitching of the seams. This may change since I have #1 - no idea what I am doing yet and #2 find I am frequently wrong. (smile)

This is the pile of pieces I did last night. I'm not sure how many over what period of time but tonight I will pay more attention.. I am going to keep the sewn pieces only in this box. I stuck the other stuff in just for a photo op. 
As you can see, I put the four magnets on the tin top and I am trying something new - tiny bulldog clips.

So far I have only photographed them but not tried to sew with them on. More about this "idea" next post.

This is the basket filled with pieces that I cut from another post. I put the "naked" plastic pieces in 2 Italian Ices cups. Above the cups is my thraed and a threaded needle. I also popped my tiny scissors into one of the Ices cups for easy location. I just kept the basket on my lap and learned two more lessons. Lesson 7- When you are sewing, you hands can't put food in your mouth. Good to know since I have to lose about 50 lbs. Lesson 8 - When you have a basket on your lap, it makes it MUCH more difficult to get up looking for food (smile).

I also realized, I wasn't sure how the pieces went together so I took a photo of the part of the book with the "answer". I will print this and keep it in the basket!!


  1. HI Beth
    I'm loving your new journey into EPP and am interested in these plastic templates to work the fabric around (I don't think they've made it across to the the UK yet!). I am just finishing off a quilt that started life as about 300 hexagons mounted on cardboard (the very old fashioned English way) I've given it a contemporary twist, I'll do a blog post about it soon.
    Good luck with the triangles and appointments :)
    Jane x

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  3. LOVe your clever bulldog storage tin idea. LOVe forward to seeing your progress. With love, donna


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