15 August 2013

All bets are in (or is that all colors?)

These are all the remaining colors of fabric I intend (so far) to use in this piece.

It has taken two days of (sporadic) work to cut these into pieces. I can't stand for hours so I brought my chair up and took what was cut, between 3 and 6 layers of fabric strips cut into pieces and then separate them (while sitting)  into individual pieces. Above is  a stack of Nienke's fabric.

Meanwhile, my second order from Brandy's came including the 60 degree diamond Plexiglas template - Hoorah!!

Works like a dream

I also decided to increase the size of the 2.5" square to 2.75". It makes it much easier to fold over the Mylar piece and stitch.

This is all the fabric cut and separated into individual fabric pieces - unmixed

Here they are after somewhat thorough mixing

And this is what I stitched this evening while watching Masterpiece Theater 

I think I like the mix of hues much better


  1. I can't wait to see this quilt come together. Your fabrics are so beautiful.

  2. What fabulous colours, look forward to seeing it develop!


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