20 August 2013

EPP is not a "flashy" subject

Learning to EPP has been a slow process. In the beginning it seemed that the Mylar pieces were the way to go and they are certainly reusable and very durable, easy to "clip" the pieces together for whip stitching and they keep their shape. I have never used paper shapes but I have been watching Sue Daley's tutorial and she can really whip down those seams. 
I have not found it easy at all to catch threads to stitch because the Mylar is so thick it keeps the needle from lifting the edge of the fabric. Because of recent events, I have not needed the project immediately, so I am going to try actual paper. I was going to find a pattern and cut them myself from card. Then I found a site which sells 400 for $19. I think I would actually pay someone to cut out 400 diamonds for me so I ordered them. I may just get one use or perhaps two but If I can get better speed, I think I won't feel so frustrated. 
Here is where I am so far:

I have no idea if this is the way these blocks and rows are joined but this is what I am doing

I just pushed the last row down so you can see what it will look like when sewn.

Here is one straw needle in my book. It doesn't actually look that thin because there is nothing to compare it to.

This is the needle in a close up. The thread which looks like cord is actually Bottom Line Thread from Superior - one of the thinnest threads I know of. It is size 60, whisper thin and it looks fat in this picture. Did you notice to eye of the needle? Even Bottom Line is VERY hard to get into that eye. Once threaded, these straw needles are amazing and worth the threading effort.

On a personal note (which you can skip):
The stitches used for my port-a-cath have become infected requiring three trips to have them removed leaving deep holes. The chemo has been postponed because the infection can worsen after compromising my immune system. My dad went into the emergency room and died a few days later and my mother with deep dementia who lives with me is living alone in their apartment on my first floor because we can't find an opening in a home. Mega-stressful. It is a one-day-at-a-time, one foot in front of the other type of situation. Breast cancer has now become my smallest problem. Hopefully we can get her into a care facility that can handle her situation better than I.


  1. Beth I'm so sorry to hear your news! Take care of yourself my friend so you can cope with everything else life is throwing at you.
    On a lighter note your fabric colours are wonderful!

  2. Oh Beth. So sorry for your loss. And the stress.

    I like the color combos. At least all piled together in your previous post they look great.

    Thinking of you.

  3. If breast cancer is the least of your problems right now, I feel deeply sorry for/with you, how difficult to coop with all of this, two arms around you from the other part of the world. Keep stitching, it always brings a serene feeling of control back to you even if everything looks out of control... take care!

  4. Beth,
    So sorry to hear about the infection, and on top of that, the death of your father and the difficulty in finding care for your mother. I hope the sewing helps your mind drift away from all this. The EPP so far looks great! For easier threading of a straw needle (which I use all the time), try a size 10 needle--I suspect you might be using a size 11. One type I like is sold by Anita Shackelford--you'll see she talks about the 10 being much easier to thread: http://www.anitashackelford.com/Needles.html

  5. Some words from Thich Nhat Hahn:

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    I am life without boundaries.
    I have never been born, and I shall never die.
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    Birth and death are only doors through which we pass, sacred thresholds on our journey.
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    So laugh with me,
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  6. Just caught up with your blog Beth, so sorry life is not going to plan at the moment. Tough times :(
    I hope the project is going well and giving your some time to switch off.
    Jane x

  7. Thought I'd come by and see how things are going. So sorry for this cluster of woes. So hard to lose a parent. Hoping resolution comes soon with mom. Wishing a speedy and complete healing. Sending you a hug.


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