22 August 2013

More Tutorials

I watched another tutorial the other day, another one of Sue Daley's, and the first in her series of 6. One thing which was enormously helpful was her choice of needles. She recommends millinery needles Size 11 also referred to as Straw Needles. I am using hand dyed fabric with a high thread count (for the most part) and trying to pierce the fabric with a needle is the hardest part of the process. These are very fine needles, like hairs, and I managed to find them, even her brand, on Ebay here. I bought two tubes and the shipping stayed the same price. I am really looking forward to these thin needles.

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  1. The right equipment is one of the secrets for easy peasy paper piecing. I was lucky enough to have a class with Sue and I adopted almost all of her techniques and equipment proposals... She also recommends using "The Bottom Line" thread from Superior Threads - try that once, you'll never ever use something else.


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