30 July 2012

Silk Screening Class

It's fun sneaking in my watercolors before the post (smile)

The silk screen construction and uses workshop that I was contracted to teach in less than 2 weeks only has two students. The Stamp making workshop has none. The day after these are supposed to occur I am having the same workshop except that it is a 2 day workshop at the Art Greenhouse and that workshop is full.

Here are some pics of the process in the back barn.

This is my chop saw that I use to cut the wood. I am making 14 screens 14 X 14 (outside dimension). I did all the cutting a few days ago so you can see my screws and glue on the table

This is my assembly area - an old file cabinet with a sheet of 3/8" plywood, an old gooseneck lamp and my handy dandy battery screw gun.

Here are the completed screens plus an 18X40 I want to use for silk screening scarves. This screen should cover half the scarf (14X72). Now I have to treat each screen when dry with a coat of Cabot's waterproofing compound (can't remember the name of it). This mitigates the amount of tape needed to finish the screen.

Today I applied the wood waterproofing which really stinks but eliminates the need for total coverage in tape. The screens look much neater too.
 This beauty is the 18X40 I made for deconstructed silk scarves. Can't wait to try it out.
 Wet frames air drying on a metal pole between to upside down rubbish cans
 This is the best waterproofing product even though it really stinks. Do this outside.


  1. I'm so impressed that you build all your own screens!! I've hijacked a couple of mine (by using stretcher frames) but would never attempt to build them.

    And yours are so beautifully sturdy looking - like* Eastern European mountain girls. lol

    *brace for romance!

  2. er... and by "romance" I mean in the old sense - like I found "A Nun's Story" incredibly romantic - not like cupid romantic!

  3. I like your screens too -- I wish I had known about the Cabots before I spent all that time covering mine with tape. What are you going to use for the long scarf-screening screen?

  4. Wow, that's mans work!! Chapeau!!


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