17 July 2012

Coastal 2

About to start assembling the Coastal 2 piece.  I assembled the Coastal 2 and it was too light in values.

I sent the pic well before finishing because of the lightness and the woman who gave me the commission agreed it was too light. I will start over today.

Another view from my studio


  1. The light one is really lovely though - I'm sure you'll find a buyer for that one too!

  2. Actually if I do use it I will remove the 2 squares that were mis-cut in the center. I just added another view.

  3. I like it too -- although it is much lighter than Coastal I. Are you screen printing or shibori dyeing?

  4. Shibori. I will start the re-dye process in a day or two. I have a surface design workshop this weekend and a 2 day silk screen construction and uses workshop the next. I an supposed to be teaching a workshop at a huge venue on Schoodic Bay near bar Harbor but the numbers may be too low and the workshops cancelled. Seems to be a theme this summer. I'm off the build the silk screen frames...


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