09 July 2012

2 watercolors and 8 scarves

This is the famous watercolor #1 - the first watercolor I ever made. Painted it 2010
 This is a pile of wrinkled silk scarves I made on Saturday with Meagan, my young friend from town. She made her own pile and has a hot lead on a sales outlet in Manhattan. Go Meagan!!
 These are the scarves each with a flat and draped photo. Below is Crepe de Chine

 Habotai. All the scarves are 14 X 72


 Below and below are Crepe de Chine both acid dyed (love acid dye)

 Below is Habotai


 Yummy Crepe de Chine


  1. What a lovely scarves and so many! You were very productive. And a lovely watercolor of little tomatoes?
    gr. Marjolijn

  2. I love your beautiful scarves!

  3. Beautiful!
    Such bright, cheerful colors and patterns!

  4. Thanks Elsie. Wielding a tool filled with melted wax is an exciting endeavor. The options for mark making are unending. One of the many reasons I love batik.

  5. I think that if that were my first watercolor, I'd be doing a lot more! You have talent--it's lovely

  6. Thank you Kristi. I am trying!!


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