19 July 2012

More art work

Here are a few sketches/watercolors I've been working on.

Below is the EDM (Every Day Matters) #3 challenge of drawing a purse or bag.

Below is EDM#6 - a beloved stuffed animal. As you can see by the post script on the actual sketch (oops). the fountain pen - just a normal fountain pen - didn't have waterproof ink. Note to self - Put that pen in a drawer so you'll never touch it while sketching. I also got the second Duke pen that I accidentally bid on on ebay. No biggie. They come with two dibs so this one will sport the other nib. They are just 9.99 and free shipping.

By the way, did anyone notice my human calendar? (see right side of blog)

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  1. I used to have that human calendar on my old site* and I loved it, but on my new blog I have so much stuff on my sidebar already I didn't want to add more.

    Love those little pouches of yours, amazing!

    *a little trivia, the old site was divaquilts.com which I have since deleted and it has now become a quilting stuff clearing house - it's very strange to see my years-old site used in that way!


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