13 July 2012

Sewing Workshops

I sent this flyer to four quilt shops offering an exclusive within 30 miles. Nada! Not a peep.

Portrait quilts

Portrait Quilts are fun and easy to do. The class is 4-6 hours long and each quilt will be completed in class. Each photo much be sent to me prior to the class so patterns can be made. These patterns will become the property of the student.
·         Four values of one color fabric that read as a solid
·         Each fabric should be ¼ yard or a fat quarter
·         Fusible web ½ yard
·         Thread to match 4 fabrics
·         9X12 batting or felt
·         Backing fabric to make quilt sandwich

      Quilted Bags

Quilted Bags are simple to make and great gifts to give or use yourself. Everyone has odd quilted pieces, quilts that “never worked” of perhaps you can make a new quilted square or triangle to turn into a unique bag. You can make as many bags as you have materials. Class is 3 hours.
·         An old quilt to cut up and repurpose
·         A new square of quilted material
·         Thread
·         Zippers 6”-12” (will determine size of bag)
·         Fabric scraps
·         Backing fabric

     Best Ever Book Cover

This is the best ever book cover. It fits perfectly – no bagging and covers the inside of the book cover to the spine. It is easily removed to wash or replace the book with another. Ideas: Sketchbook, Journal, Bible, Planner.
Class is 3 hours
·         Book to cover (see ideas)
·         ½ yard batting or felt
·         Thread
·         Fabric scraps that coordinate
·         Rotary cutter/scissors
·         Plain fabric for inside book (solid color)

    Improvisational Quilting

Make a fabulous quilt without measuring a thing. All you need is an idea, some fabric, and a rotary  cutter. I will teach you the technique and you can make a small piece in class. Then at home you can make wonderfully original art quilts.
Class is 4-6 hours
·         Fabric- Solids work best
·         Thread to match each fabric
·         Rotary cutter a must
·         Batting or felt
·         Backing fabric to make quilt sandwich


  1. that is so disappointing! And these workshops look so wonderful!

  2. Do you do online classes? I would love to do a couple of these, but I'm a bit far away, in Australia. Suedee.

    1. Wow, this is a 5 year old post. No, I don't do online classes but Australia is teaming with fabulous fiber artists and teachers.

  3. Beautiful work Where are you located?

  4. I am in The US in Maine (far Northeast Corner). I do workshops during the summer.

  5. I would love to learn more about your portrait quilts! Do you have a book?

  6. Love your improv quilt❣️ Is it raw edge appliqué or do you stitch each curve? Would really like to try this and then free motion quilt it.

    1. The portrait is raw edge and the other pieced. If you are interested use the contact form and include your email address. We can talk.


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