22 July 2012

A Quandary

I have been thinking a lot about not posting my watercolors on this blog anymore - maybe starting another blog with just my "art" work on it. When I publish a post about my watercolors, I rarely get a response. I understand that fiber artists and/or surface designers aren't interested in watercolors. Watercolor and other expressions of art outside of fiber ARE a big part of my life. My blog isn't a popularity contest. It is what I wrote on the header -  "Thoughts, ideas and creations of a seaside artist".

So now I have resolved my quandary. So I will say to my readers what I hear from friends who advise, "Take what you like and leave the rest."

and now on to my post:

This is EDM#11 challenge

This is a photo of my house and the start of the watercolor

This is midway

This is finished.

I always wanted a "portrait" of my house.


  1. Well, my english is not very good so I hope I can express myself.
    I personally do like your watercolors and also the other things you show us.I do learn a lot! I can only speak for myself because I'm not always in the mood to react. On other blogs too, so it's not that i dislike things.
    AND....vacationtime in Holland so lots of people are gone for the holidays.

  2. Hi, I understand where you're coming from as I am one of those artists that dabble and play with everything, and have very very few followers or comments, and they are usually friends, I wondered at one point if I should do a different blog for each different thing that I do, but I have realised this may take more time than I really want to spend blogging, so have decided to keep it all together in one mish mash so as to give myself more time to just be creative, I think your blog is great as it is, a bit of everything creative.Don't make more work for yourself.x

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I especially resonant with "Don't make more work for yourself" and spending my time creating instead of being in dithering!!

  4. I find it hard to separate my art into neat categories and find that one technique blends into another. I am glad you chose to keep all your art in one place. It will be much easier for me to follow your progress. And, by the way, your house is wonderful!

  5. The ones who don't care for other artsy venues included on your blog can just skip those posts. I happen to like the balance. That house looks HUGE. The water color does it justice!

  6. I haven't commented because I can barely keep up with reading the posts in the summer and doing my work. But always love to peek and see what you are doing.

    I have tried watercolors and have great appreciation for you with all that you do!

    I love the shadows on the glasses, the house is really pretty and the feet need to be put up and rested after all this work.

    Please keep it all in one spot. I enjoy see a multi talented artist at work!

  7. (I thought I commented on this post already)

    It sounds like you've made up your mind already, but I know that when I "switched" from making traditional quilts to art quilts, I tried to make myself, my then-current audience and a prospsective audience happy by starting a separate blog for the art work. Both blogs suffered, and I did more than anyone.

    And then I realized - "Why am I trying to please everyone else? This is what I'm doing and if they don't like it, they can leave!"

    They didn't like it (lol) and they left in droves - I went from nearly 300 followers to less than 100 in about six months - but in the year and half since then, I've gained another 100 and now we're all on the same page (not that it matters particularly). "Consider the source" as BSP always says. ;)

    Follow your bliss babe - and I for one, will be admiring from the sidelines.


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