27 July 2012

3 Year Anniversary coming up

Latest sketch/watercolor

I was planning on a 200th post celebration but just like all my plans the 200th came and went without my even suspecting. I have now marked on my Google calendar for the 3rd year anniversary on October 25th. I even have added to my calendar a one week heads up reminder. I think I would like this one to be quite special. Any suggestions for Give-Aways will be noted. I know my friends from the Netherlands like books which are harder to get there. I have a VAST collection of workshops on DVDs and I think I will put them up for grabs too. Ideas anyone?? Fabric, Hand dyed thread...

I have pulled 6 DVD workshops by famous fiber artists out of my stash. I also have a few books ready to go so let me know what kinds of things would make a great give-away for you.


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