08 January 2012

Interfacing Stencils

Kind of wish I had taken a photo of these stencils all taped to the silk screens before I started but you know how it is with an experiment. First I took photos

I covered the images with a square of medium weight interafcing and marked the parts of the images with the darkest value. Then I used an x-acto knife to remove those darkest spots.

Then I cut out the image of the birds from the paper with an x-acto knife leaving a bird shaped hole in the paper. That would be my paper stencil which will only allow the dye to be deposited on my cloth in THAT bird shape. You can see the stain from the dye on the stencil. Get it?
The premise for this technique is on Jane Dunnewolds website under tours.
I would go there to read about applying the dye to the stencils.
OK, now I taped the paper stencil to the interfacing stencil and taped it all to the bottom of my silk screen with the interfacing in the middle of the sandwich. Here are my results washed out. First, I must say I always use color catchers to trap stray dye particles in the wash EXCEPT I forgot this time and had tons of dye-back.  YUCK.

Not all screaming successes but not bad for a first try.


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