15 January 2012


This is the piece of dyed burlap.I applied great blobs of thickened dye with a 3" paint brush hoping it would be absorbed into the burlap so that it would transfer to the pre-treated cotton on the opposite side. It was marginally successful. The burlap is a bit blobby with color but then again burlap was a vehicle and not an intended target.
There are lots of "bald spot" and none of the flow you get with space dyeing. These are previously space dyed burlap pieces that were the intended target of the dye. I love the gradation from one color to the next. I call this tray dyeing and I will have to do a tutorial on how I do it.


  1. Wow oh wow oh wow! I really love the texture of these fabrics - can't wait to see your tutorial (and also find out your source - the only burlap I've seen is brown!)

  2. Kit, This IS brown burlap after MX dyes hit it. You can really see the brown in the top pic. It is from the hardware store or garden center for wrapping evergreen scrubs in high snow country. It's pretty cheap and MUCH nicer that Joanns/Fabric Store burlap: very loosely woven and soft. I wash it in the washer and dry it in a lingerie bag along with scrim and threads (in the bag that is). Next time I "tray dye" I will take pics and do a tutorial.

  3. WONDERFUL colors!!! Great texture to work with...now to see what you end up doing with them!! Great day dyeing!

  4. Fabulous colors! What will you create with this yummy fabric? I look forward to the tray dye tutorial!

  5. Gorgeous! Looking forward to that tutorial!


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