22 January 2012

The Crow part 3

This was an experiment. I was looking for answers to many questions. Here are the lessons learned.
  • You CAN use water soluble stabilizer to draw a quilt design on. I drew the crow and stitched in detail all his feathers.
  • If you try to use a full sized sticker to mask out a quilted image the printed sticker image will be bigger than the quilted image. I had to continually cut the printed image and overlap it here and there to expose/cover because of the shrinkage due to the process of quilting
  • Heat setting acrylic artists paints does not hold up to machine washing with hot water. Note to self: Use fabric paints and heat set.
  • When using an image mask to cover/protect your painted image from dye, you can just as well use a piece of plain paper. The sticky didn't hold on paint
  • When masking the background in preparation to roll on the black paint, I missed three spots where the sticker had been cut but not replaced. I used white paint which was fine on a white background but was unaffected by the dye. See below. Note to self: Be very careful that you don't forget all parts of the mask.

                                You can see the area I forgot to mask between the wings and feet.


Starting tomorrow I am doing a step by step tutorial on deconstructed screen printing. This is a "Do Not Miss" because of all the experimentation Judith and I have been doing. Be there or be square!!

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