21 January 2012

The Crow Part 2

Still not finished but much more colorful. Today Judith came over for some deconstructed screen printing. I just can't stop myself and Judith came over for some of the fun too.
I used some of the thickened dye to color the background of the crow.
I used the sticker to "mask" off the quilted crow to protect it from the dye. Then I saturated the quilt that you see with a spray bottle of soda ash. The fabric was pretty wet when I started applying the thickened dye. I placed thickened dye dye and print paste on a piece of plexiglas. The dye was very dark so the print paste was used to lightened it.

I used a credit card to scrape the thickened dye onto the quilt front.

One of the things I like about using this technique is the minor combining of the colors along the lines where they meet. Maybe will will see this in Crow part 3 when we have the BIG REVEAL. That would be tomorrow.
Later I added some darker brown under the crow as shade. This was Judith's idea and a good one at that.

NOW for more deconstructed cotton. Please remember this is still wet. It is batching as I write this. Come back tomorrow for the fabric washed and line dried (still no dyer).

First I want to tell you about 2 things we did for the first time. One was my idea: placing the used screen when it was exhausted on the light or white blobs and screening color in just that one spot I think this is something you need to see in action to "get".

However, Judith's idea was a great stroke of genius. Her idea was to load the squeegee with clear clean print paste and draw it over a finished print to try to drag a bit of color over the white spots. I was afarid this would smear the print but it didn't. Don't ask me how BUT I can tell you here is a lot of power in the first "strike" of dye. We found it so.
Here are my wet prints which are now batching.

 I took the cup of sludge (used print paste) and made a few prints. I think they were very effective. Two are below the sludge cup.


  1. I love how your crow is turning out!
    You 'sound' like you're having so much with the deconstructed cotton. I'm not sure why it's called deconstructed?

  2. My English isn't good enough and the translation sucks, so I dont nog how you did it but your prints are fantastic.


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