03 January 2012

Collision of two ideas

This past weekend I did some deconstructed screens (almost 3 full meters) and the response to the blog post was very favorable. I have decided to make the multiple uses of Silk Screens my technique-of-the-month on the Fire blog. Silk Screening and batiking are my two favorite surface design techniques.

AT THE SAME TIME, I received a call from one of the FIVE, Marcella, and she challenged me to get off my butt and start entertaining ideas for some classes we wanted to teach here on the coast of Maine. We got her blog up and running (very exciting) and then the collision occurred.

I decided I wanted to teach a three day workshop on the multiple uses of silk screens which would include the making of the silk screen and a portable printing surface. I taught this class last year as a one-day event at Fiber College and we barely had time to touch on and try some of the uses of silk screens. Three days would be perfect. I also want to do a two-day workshop on batiking.

Let me back up and tell you a bit about Marcella and her ArtIncubator in Rockland, Maine.