29 July 2019

The Maine Event Preparations

Last week Marcella came over and we worked on recipes for imitation Kakishibu. 

We LOVED it. This will be one of the techniques for the Maine Event in September. The other big technique we will be presenting we are calling Brilliant Color. We will be using silks, linen and cotton. Folks can bring whatever fabric they want and I will be providing a small piece of silk charmeuse.

We got together today to try noil, dupioni, charmeuse and linen. We want to avoid any "mishaps" in dyeing at the event so everyone goes home thrilled with their work since this is my last year teaching.

Here are the pieces we made as samples. We only used two colors and one background color: Intense blue, Fuchsia, and chartreuse in the background.

Front above and back below


Front above and back below


  1. Boy, that is Intense blue! I have only dyed habotai and chiffon, so I'm interested in how the different silks take the dyes. I love the last piece... is that the linen? I just ordered a box of linen scraps from a place that gives them away free, you just have to pay postage. Gonna have fun playing with them! Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing pix of the class. Sad that it will be your last, but I get it - it's a lot of work to put them together! I hope you will still play in your wonderful studio even without classes...

    1. Yes, the last one is linen. We only used 2 colors: fuchsia and intense blue. The dye particles on the surface of the wax smeared.


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