07 July 2019

Studio purge

I have spent a week purging everything in my studio. Poor Marcella went home with two loads of fabric and supplies. I don't think I will ever use most of the things I gave her and I was suffocating under the weight (and height) of all my stuff. Some things went into the garage which I also had to purge and sweep. I made two trips to the dump and that's just what I threw out. Here is the result.

If you remember old photos, I had another unit on top two high and four wide on the wood 4 x 4 unit and a smaller shelf on the white 2 x 4 unit.

I moved my ironing table to the space vacated by a 40" wide and 6 foot high storage unit 18" deep with things piled on top to the 10 ft. ceiling. Along the far wall is the 2 X 4 unit from the other room with all kinds of white wall above it. BREATH!!!!

A close up

Work table (clean)

Dining room table with serger and small shelves with sketching, inks and other sketchbook supplies.

 CLEAN garage

organized purged shelves from one side

and the other. Now my friend from Belfast (Maine) is praying for the purging faerie to visit her.


  1. Congratulations for a such work...

    1. Thanks Carmina. It is so invigorating

  2. Wow well done! You are helping me get on with my purge. Do I see clear work space and empty shelf space ahead for me? So much work - 'go girl' as Fiona Dempster would say!

    1. While it was happening the place looked like a war zone but little by little, items left, were moved or settled into a permanent place. Ah, freedom from clutter!!

  3. How great did that feel!!!! As you know, I love clearing space. Yes, breathing...clearing the space for the new to happen...


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