25 July 2019

kitchen project with no fabric or fiber involved

I had a low chest of drawers and a small 14 x 14 top table that I used as an island. I was on IKEA when I spotted a work table (Bror) for $149. Just for kicks I put it in my cart and it would ship with the rest of my order (white Drona Boxes) for my studio units all for $9.99. This work table is much higher than the chest so I pressed "pay". 


I love Ikea because everything goes together so easily. Well, the work table came with dents, torqued legs and three screws missing from the top which I lay at the feet of FedEd. It had probably been rolling around in the truck for 3 days. I found the three screws rolling around in the box and re-screwed them adding heavy cement. The torqued legs were the biggest problem but after HOURS the simple assembly was finally over. Should have taken 15-30 minutes.

 Picture from IKEA

Those who know me know I hate black. I meant like abhor. The black table was sucking all the light out of the room so today I took it out to the garage, taped off the wooden top that I painted with four coats of semi-gloss poly, and painted the black white. I did go back after seeing this picture and respray the lower shelf as well as a few other tiny spots. It looks great and NOT dead.

In Maine, nothing much is open Sunday but our new lumber yard surprisingly was. I had run out of spray paint but was able to get the identical products there. Since I was in Belfast (smile), I went to the greenhouse with my $10. off coupon and bought a great Monarda with fat and full blooms. Nothing like the scent of monarda.
Monarda didyma "Parden my Lavender"

It was a win/win day.


  1. Interesting...I would've sent it back...Like how you refurbished it. Fun to work on our work spaces...

    1. I like it a lot but I lost quite a bit of surface area.


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