04 August 2017

Yes, another book cover

I have conservatively made about 30 of these. Everyone who sees one likes it so they get it. Yeah, I'm that easy of a touch (smile). I actually made these two for my friend for her birthday and she can pick which one she wants. I will go over the process for new comers to this blog but there is a detailed tutorial on how to make the Best EVER book covers here.

a snow dye from yesteryear

A LWI dye done for a workshop. I hardly used ANY of the over 28 half yards of fabrics I dyed

Quilt the top to a felt backing

Trim after measuring the book and after quilting (shrinkage). Please see Tutorial for details

The side that make up the pockets for the cover. Rolled hem  wrong side up.

Yes, I know it looks weird but raw (no hem) panel right side down OVER the side pockets

Another view

The book cover turned inside out and ironed



The second book cover front 

and back

                      How to get the book cover on a hardback book.


  1. Lovely! I make covered journals using college composition books. Usually, I just make a crazy quilt top, and make the rest with coordinating fabrics. Similar construction, although I make the lining panel the same size as the cover panel. You need to get busy and use up some of the fabric from that dyeing session!

  2. I love my Beth sunshine orange book cover! And my teal one too!

    1. Thanks Rita. I actually like them as well especially the sunshine cover.


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