21 August 2017

Preparing for the Maine Event

The Maine Event is coming soon and I'm having a great time planning and preparing.

I printed the verbal description of each days events then fleshed out supplies I would need, jobs that needed doing, prep for the participants and everything I needed to do in advance for each class. So far I have one and a half days done

I had this paper left over and thought I would make small notebooks for the participants to use in documenting their work and experiments. It was also a great opportunity for me to cut a stamp, print it on paper, fold them into signatures and sew a simple pamphlet stitch binding with some of my hand dyed threads

Five piles with 9 sheets each (3 pamphlets each pile)

acrylic paint on a gelli plate

Coming along - drying.

One container of my own hand dyed threads

 Getting started and the sheet on the right will cover my notebook with all the info for each workshop.

Attaching the rubber stamp to foam core board



  1. You are really going to have a very special event, with all this lovely preparation and the notebook too! Hope your students know how lucky they are to have you!

  2. Replies
    1. September 15,16 and 17. It's always the second weekend after labor day. I will have two events next year. In addition to the Maine Event , I will have Mid-Summer workshops in paper and fiber which will be extraordinary. Teasers to begin early next year.

  3. So amazing and fun, Beth! Wish I were joining y'all!

    1. Maybe you can come next year PLUS I am adding a paper/fabric weekend midsummer next year.


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